With these tools, you can have productive meetings just like these Fortune 500 CEOs 

If you want to take your organization's meetings to the next level, listen to these Fortune 500 CEO's.

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If you work in corporate Canada, you could be spending up to half of your time at work in meetings. This wouldn’t be such a scary statistic if meetings had a better reputation.

Traditional meetings are a huge waste of time. From waiting for stragglers to getting through all the banter and pleasantries, a one-hour meeting has about 20 minutes of real productivity.

If you want to take your organization’s meetings to the next level, listen to these Fortune 500 CEO’s. They are breaking the meeting mould, and you can too with tools like Meetquo and Pinstriped.

Here’s how some of the top Fortune 500 CEO’s avoid common meeting pitfalls:

Elon Musk, the engineer, industrial designer, and technology entrepreneur behind Tesla and SpaceX is all about participation. He has been known to tell others to drop off the phone line or leave the room if their presence isn’t giving value to the meeting.

Want to bring this level of coordination to your meetings? Give the Meetquo Remote Meeting Platform a shot. Rather than bringing everyone together and only have a handful of people contribute, this tool takes a different approach to conducting meetings altogether. Meetquo lets you hold meetings asynchronously, allowing members to make proposals and exchange feedback remotely and on their own time, so you’re not stuck waiting for inspiration to strike in an hour-too-long meeting.

Arianna Huffington, the digital media mogul, shares a similar sentiment to Musk. She’s the co-founder of the popular Huffington Post and just launched her newest project, Thrive Global. She once retweeted a quote by Musk that said “get rid of all large meetings”. The linked Thrive Global story goes on to quote him saying, “please get rid of all large meetings, unless you’re certain they are providing value to the whole audience, in which case keep them very short.”

To make your meetings shorter and to-the-point try Pinstriped. This tool streamlines the entire meeting process by recording your meeting’s actions and decisions for you. What’s more it gives you the power to share content and action-items with just a single click.

Billionaire CEO Mark Cuban says he would rather use email over meetings because they are efficient and serve as an automatic record keeper. This idea of shorter, more accountable meetings is mirrored in new platforms like Meetquo. Like email, Meetquo allows you to either type your ideas or record video replies on your own time and keep a record of every meeting.

Last but not least, Jeff Bezos is the CEO of Amazon, a company worth nearly $150 billion. Under his leadership, employees are expected to write a one to three page document outlining the meeting talking points and questions before it takes place. This stand-alone document makes attendees think through the issues and give thoughtful answers. Similarly, the Pinstriped tool is designed to keep meetings structured, on-task, and action-oriented.

Ready to improve the way you hold meetings? Save time, increase productivity, and be able to keep a digital library of past meetings with Meetquo and Pinstriped. Lifetime subscriptions to both plans are on sale now, with Meetquo being discounted to just $49.99 USD and Pinstriped’s premium plan being reduced to only $29.99 USD.

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