Learn to become the Microsoft Excel expert in your office with this training bundle

Boost your career by becoming a master of Microsoft Excel

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Learning how to navigate a computer program like Microsoft Excel could be the game-changer for anyone working in an office or as a student. The benefits of mastering Microsoft Excel could be the leg up needed to advance and the benefits excel beyond learning more about data analysis.

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet and data analysis program that is used by 750 million users. Knowing how to use such a widely accepted program can not only get you ahead, but it could be what gets you in the door in the first place. Microsoft Excel skills  are highly sought after by employers and adding it to your resume could make you a more appealing candidate.

In addition, learning these skills can make you a more efficient worker in a variety of fields like finance, journalism, and teaching. Writers and accountants alike could see their work benefit from the ability to use Microsoft Excel.


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So where do you start?

With the basics, andThe Ultimate Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle  is a surefire way to become a master. The $49.99 bundle— marked down from $1,243—covers 33 hours of content to help you become a master of the spreadsheets. 

Microsoft Excel Beginner to Advanced  is the complete how-to guide to get started with spreadsheets. Learn how to install the program and how to work with the formulas and various functions like the IF Function and the PMT Function. This course lays the groundwork for that version of Excel you have on your computer that you never use. 

Delve a little deeper into the more than 75 formulas with Microsoft Excel: Advanced Excel Formulas and Functions. This course included in the bundle  covers more advanced formulas that can turn a basic spreadsheet into a powerful tool that can be used to analyze more data. Get a better understanding of how to manipulate and analyze data using Excel.

Microsoft Excel can be used for more than just spreadsheets. Microsoft Excel: Data Visualization, Excel Charts and Graphs  holds the key to understanding how to use this dynamic tool. More than 12 advanced demos are at your disposal to better understand why, when, and how to use each chart type to discover key data visualization practices.

Become one of the most advanced users of Microsoft Excel by learning more about its data modeling and business intelligence tools with Microsoft Excel: Intro to Power Query, Power Pivot and DAX  or master how to analyze raw data and identify trends that are typically overlooked with the help of the Microsoft Excel: Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables  course. The Master Microsoft Excel Macros and Excel VBA course teaches users how to make the program work for them with automated tasks.

Knowing the ins and outs of Microsoft Excel can get you into the room where it happens and out of an entry-level job. Take advantage of this bundle  for $49.99 and start making moves forward in your education and career.