Letters to the Editor: Jan. 7

Letters to the editor have our readers discussing needed change in our healthcare system, the ongoing labour strife between the teachers unions and the province and thanking a Good Samaritan.

Letters to the editor

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Our health-care system is failing us

My husband has been on a waiting list for knee-replacement surgery for nearly two years. He goes to work everyday on a knee that barely functions and the response from the surgeon’s office is the funding has trickled to so little there’s not enough to get to the surgeries any faster. At this rate, my husband’s surgery will not take place until mid-2020. That’s two years of him suffering unending pain that has robbed him of any quality to his life. Mere walking is agony and continuing to work everyday up and down off a forklift all day is excruciating agony.

Standard painkillers and anti-inflammatory medications do little to ease the pain, as he has been taking them non-stop for two years. Ingesting pain medications for two years has affected other parts of his body – most notably his stomach. Will he now suffer ulcers on top of excruciating agony from knee pain?

Something must be done to fix this. Not only for my husband, but for the many who wait on the lists in unending pain. Stop spending our tax dollars on stupid stuff and start spending it on funding for surgical time, equipment, and staffing. Thousands of people would be grateful.

Jodi Pardy


It’s about money

I’m wondering how each time the educational labour contracts come up for review, this teachers’ union sees nothing but heartache and devastation for the students and parents. Do three or four extra students really warrant such a response? Given the increase in the number of teacher jobs and the decrease in the number of students over the years, I just don’t see the point.

I believe the underlying reason, now and in the past, is money, money, money. While a majority of people struggle to make ends meet, the power of the teachers’ union must be heard again and again. Just once try to set a good example for the students and play nice.

Brian Moody


A Good Samaritan

On the morning of Nov. 17, 2019, a woman driving an orange pickup truck came to my aid as she witnessed my grandson and I rushing home. My grandson had impulsively taken a mini polar bear dip in the water in Tillsonburg. Without hesitation, this compassionate lady offered us a ride home.

In an emergency such as this, every minute counts. Under such circumstances, any distance is too far. From the moment I laid eyes on this person, I knew she had a heart of gold. Due to her compassion, kindness, and selfless response, my grandson incurred no ill effects from the incident. I love my grandson wholeheartedly. He continues to be a curious, mischievous, energetic, and happy little boy. I offer my gratitude once again to this loving stranger who became our guardian angel on that frigid fall day. This was truly the action of a Good Samaritan.

I was a visitor in Tillsonburg that day. There’s no doubt Tillsonburg is blessed with many these thoughtful citizens. This bystander will forever have a place in my heart.

Claudette Lachance