Letters to the Editor: Jan. 10

Local readers take issue with the expense of using the train, thanking workers for snow removal and the Woodstock relay for life.

Letter to the editor

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Rail pass potential

We’ve known for years rail travel in Canada is doomed to failure as the moving of freight is a much more lucrative business.

A while ago, my wife and I travelled Scotland by rail with a 15-day rail pass. If there was no rail service to our destination, bus and ferry services accepted the passes.

Today’s Scottish rail pass costs $484 and allows travel any eight days out of the 15-day purchase.

It’s too bad our rail system is not pro-travel.

Wayne Walker


Thank you Tillsonburg works department

With winter weather upon us, we need to be thankful for the men and women at the Tillsonburg works department who work day and night on roads, sidewalks and tackle a myriad of other jobs to keep residents safe.

These people are up during the night, early in the morning and throughout the day doing these jobs. We need to be thankful for the cleaned roads and sidewalks we enjoy everyday of the year.

I witnessed one of these dedicated people helping a distressed lady trying to get her elderly mother into her car at the mall entrance after a storm. The snow had hardened into slippery ice between the road and the sidewalk, but this gentleman took the time to dig and shovel away the debris so the woman could get her mother safely into her car. He was busy working on something else and didn’t have to do this good deed, but he took the time to help this resident in distress.

This is duty above and beyond. I’m sharing this so all residents in Tillsonburg show their appreciation for these hard-working and dedicated people for all they do. Next time you see them out keeping our town safe and our roads clean, show your appreciation with a thank you or a friendly wave of acknowledgement.

Susan Saelens


Make a difference for people impacted by cancer

New data released by the Canadian Cancer Society showed about 63 per cent of Canadians diagnosed with cancer will survive at least five years following their diagnosis, compared to 55 per cent in the early 1990s. This unprecedented improvement wouldn’t be possible without incredible advancements made in cancer research to improve diagnosis, treatment and care for people living with and beyond cancer.

You have the power to influence the lives of those around you – lives of those close to you or in your community who’ve been impacted by cancer. I invite everyone to sign up for your local society’s Relay for Life event to show those with cancer they’re not alone.

Relay for Life is an inspiring event that unites communities across Canada to show the people we love life is bigger than their diagnosis. It celebrates those living with cancer, provides hope to those moving past it and remembers and honours those we’ve lost to the disease.

Our vision to create a world where no one fears cancer is only achievable if we work with people united by the same goals. We have made significant progress but there’s still much more to be done and we need your help. With the support of hundreds of thousands of Canadians across the country, we are a force for life in the face of cancer.

Join us at Relay for Life in Woodstock on June 12, 2020, and help us prove that together we are bigger than cancer. Register today at relayforlife.ca.

Josianne Beliveau,

Vice-president of Relay for Life