Letters to the Editor: April 17

Letters to the editor have readers thanking the fire department, asking for health funding to be restored and reminding people the importance of staying inside.

Letters to the editor

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Restore funding

The heroic and selfless work by workers in Canada’s health-care sector since the onset of COVID-19 is unreservedly applauded by all Canadians.

Up to the time of the pandemic, governments had made major cuts to health budgets across Canada. Is it any wonder our preparedness to deal with the coronavirus was inadequate?

The right way to show our appreciation to health-care workers is to restore the cuts to the budgets so shortcomings in staff and equipment are eliminated and our health-care system fully restored.

Put politicians on notice. Restore health funding or suffer the consequences when next they come soliciting our votes.

Don Shipston


Cheers for the Woodstock Fire Department

By instituting a ban on outdoor burning, the Woodstock Fire Department may save a number of lives in the coming weeks. Local victims of COVID-19 who are struggling to breathe will be spared the intense local air pollution emanating from neighbourhood fire pits.

Research done in China after the 2003 SARS epidemic showed a correlation between the death rate, higher rate of infection and air pollution. And since fine particulate matter – PM2.5, a component of wood smoke – is known to trigger other medical emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, cardiac arrests and asthma attacks, more resources will be available at the hospital for coronavirus patients.

Now if only council could be persuaded to examine the scientific evidence concerning wood smoke and human health, perhaps the temporary ban could become permanent.

Alma Hyslop


We can beat this problem together

A tip of the hat and a big thank you to the residents of Tillsonburg and all who are continuing to work or are on the front lines of needed services to those who live in our town.

Whether you are a butcher, a baker or a candle stick maker; a neighbour, or a health-care provider in our town or you are a citizen of Tillsonburg and are following the necessary guidelines to beat this horrendous virus, you are to be commended.

We can beat this problem together.

As Canadians, we’ve done it before in the First World War and Second World War and other lesser dilemmas and we can beat it together again.

Brian O’Rourke


You want summer? Stay home now

This virus not only has proven we take things for granted, but that life is too short to wish things would go by faster. We take seeing friends, family, the routine of school and life for granted. We don’t think this kind of thing will happen. Being in quarantine, not having contact with friends or distant family, it’s so hard, so tough.

I want to encourage everyone to stay home and reach out to friends and family using technology. Many people have a plan for the summer, but by continuing to go out, hanging out with other people and treating this as a joke, it is not going to get better. We are not going to flatten the curve that way.

Not flattening the curve means no school, no routine, no friends, no hangouts, no movies and no summer.

Please stay home.

To our health-care and essential service workers: Thank you. You are at work for us. You are going to work and continuing to do your job for us. It never goes unnoticed.

At 7:30 p.m. every night, go outside and make some noise. Shout, blow whistles, bang pots and pans for those who are continuing to work for us.

We need to stay home for the health-care and essential services workers. They go to work for us.

Shelby Vollmershausen, 15