Letters: March 27

Letters to the editor

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Think of others

I find it pretty sad it has taken this pandemic to pay attention to our homeless. Is it out of care or are we just worried they are going to spread the coronavirus?

Maybe this pandemic will bring people back down to reality and start paying attention to their families and go back to being sociable, and I do not mean communication by emailing or texting. Stop and smell the roses.

Pat Barta


Teachers step up

Regarding the article Ford says April 6 school reopening not realistic (March 24) about boards exploring internet lesson and paper options for families without internet.

Now that teachers have a contract and schools are closed, they will be paid to not teach. Put teachers back in the classroom producing and delivering learning packages to their students.

Teachers would be responsible for their class, overseen by principals, and with assistance from office staff, just like a regular school day.

How difficult would it be for teachers to be responsible for lesson deliveries to their class of 20-plus kids? The end result, every student gets class materials on a regular basis and teachers are in a work-for-pay situation. Win-win.

W. H. Walker


Pick up after your animals, please

I live in the north end of Woodstock near the Shanna Larsen park. There’s been a fantastic walking path built around the catch basin. A lot of work has been put into this area to make it a place for families to spend time outside with their children.

The problem is the amount of dog feces that has been collecting in this area, as dog owners are refusing to pick up after their pets. My family and I literally have to dodge the land mines that have been left behind.

I’m not sure if simply providing bags and a place to dispose of them closer to the walking trails would help, but something definitely needs to be done since a lot of dog owners in the area don’t seem to be able to be responsible for themselves.

Chris Mattinson


Disappointment for young drivers

The provincial government has closed DriveTest Centres due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

That will be a disappointment to many aspiring young drivers studying to take their G1 licence test when they turn 16. I hope the government will consider issuing licences to them.

It would be better for them, during this crisis, to be able to start practising their driving while the roads are not so busy.

Marie Braund


COVID-19 and TB

March 24 was World Tuberculosis Day. Two weeks ago, when COVID-19 was still a somewhat vague international threat, I noticed a posting from a northerner: “When I was in Halifax, I sneezed and someone jokingly asked if I had coronavirus. I told them not to worry, I’m from Nunavut, so it’s probably just TB.”

It’s a reminder that while the world is intently focused on minimizing the effects of the pandemic, the usual infectious diseases continue to wreak their havoc by killing millions of the weak and disadvantaged. We can’t afford to ignore them.

World TB Day is a good day to acknowledge we are all in this together and to recommit to the fight against all infectious diseases that know no borders.

Randy Rudolph


Pregnant moment

There may be another result from COVID-19 as a result of self-isolation.

I would suggest that hospitals prepare for a pandemic of babies in nine months.

Bill Calvesbert